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Screwing in Racerstar 2205-2300KV motors to a Martian II frame

In today's post, I decided to screw on the Racerstar 2204-2300KV motors onto my quadcopter frame. This took much longer than I originally anticipated, even more so since I made a mistake halfway through and had to take out one of the motors, since I screwed it into the wrong place. The YouTube link is linked below.

The motors screw in using an included screw kit, which are hex screws, and the size of the Allen key I used was S2 T10, as it is photographed below.

S2 T10: size of the Allen key I used.

Below is the photograph of the screws after I screwed in the first motor. These motors stick out slightly, and that makes me worried that I might break them by flipping the quadcopter upside down. By adding the motors to the frame of my quadcopter, I am finally building something that is starting to take shape.

The Racerstar motors use hex screws.

I know that there is not much to say about these motors, so while you look at yet another photograph below of the screwed in clockwise-rotating motor in the frame I will run down some information about these motors. I purchased these motors as a set of four (two clockwise and two counterclockwise) for just above $25. They passed customs with no problems, and they are 3 brushless motors. I was linked to the red version of these, and since there were multiple pages for these motors, I did not take the risk and try to buy a different color, although I would have massively preferred a black or pink motor. Pictured on their website, there are black, gold, red, blue, green, pink, and purple motor color choices. These motors at maximum load pull 14.8V and can support both 5045 and 4045 props. I believe I went with 5045 props. At maximum load, they pull a current of 27.6A, which would be 5045 props at 2300KV. That is a pull of almost a kilogram, at 950g, powered with 408W. It can support up to 4S battery packs, and therefore I have gone with the maximum instead of spending money in the future for upgrades, I decided to jump straight to a 4S pack. 2S packs are lame, and 3S packs are unnecessary.

A look at a mounted Racerstar 2205-2300KV.

I have one more photo, which is linked below, so while we look at that I can run down a couple of more specifications. Each motor has a weight of 28g, with a height of 31.5mm and a width (diameter) of 27.9mm. The clockwise motors have a white cap, and the counterclockwise have a black cap. I'm not entirely sure if this information is actually reversed, as if you look in the photo that I have linked above, you will see that the black capped motors seem to indicate that they are actually clockwise, not counterclockwise motors. However, many people on the internet seem to think this is no big deal.

An overview with all four motors in place.

One of the difficulties I faced was making sure the motors went into the right place. At first, I accidentally placed a white motor in the wrong place, and instead placed it in the top left (see above image) where the black motor should have been. Another difficulty I faced was that whenever I flipped the quad upside down, I was trying to make sure the motors weren't supporting my weight or anything. Anyways, that's all I have for now, sorry for such a short post!

Gideon Tong