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How can you support the blog?

That's a great question! You can support this blog by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Gideon Tong . I don't have many (public) social media, but it'd be great if you'd subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm not interested in monetary donations, but hey, there's always my Amazon wishlist  and my Steam wishlist ! I think the best thing is simply reading this blog and sharing my posts with your friends. That would be great, and it would be really nice to see some participation in the comments section, since I have enabled this feature now. There are no ads on my website. I've disabled them. There are no weird AdFly or "skip this ad" links on my website. Personally, I think they're annoying. If you think they're annoying too, you can install the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey extension on your browser, depending on whether you have Chrome or Firefox, and then install this script . It automatically bypasses all of those annoying links. (By