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Building a custom calculator: setting up the prototype

My objective for starting a new project is to build a completely custom calculator that fits within a currently existing Texas Instruments calculator so I can simply pass off my mini-computer as an officially recognized standardized testing compatible calculator. Since I need to make sure this is a feasible project, I need to first gather materials that I currently have accessible so I can build a working prototype before I begin making any adjustments. So what can I find around my room? I have quite a few Raspberry Pis from my purchasing sprees in middle school, so that seems to include an original revision Raspberry Pi Model A+. Although the Raspberry Pi Zero W would be better suited for this application, as it is a smaller profile, is smaller, faster, and uses less power, for the purposes of a basic prototype this should work just fine. The next thing I found was a second revision PiTFT 320x240 touchscreen LCD that I bought from Massdrop. It is the only thing I ever b