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Mounting the Racerstar 4 in 1 20A ESC to the Martian II frame and prepping the motors

Hey there! Today in this blog post, since they coincide with my videos, will be the 7th vlog/video of my YouTube channel:

In order to keep my videos short and sweet, that means I do less in every video, which has the indirect effect of making my blog posts shorter now. First off, I started with the motors mounted to the frame. It looked like this: 

A photo of what the frame looked like after the motors were mounted.

There was an interesting method to screwing the frame together. These screws don't always tighten together, and they're not really screws on the frame. They're more like sticks holding the frame together for support, because they slide right through, although some of the frame holes are a little too small, so you really have to push in order to make the screw fit through.

A photo of the frame with the ESC mounted.

I then mounted the ESC to the top. Something I found interesting was how much extra cabling I had between the ESC and the motors. However, it turns out that I would need some of this extra cable because the alignment of the ESC is not the same as the motors, so in order to save time on setup, what I did was bend the cables for the ESC back in order to make it connect with the correct motors rather than adjust it later in software. Although I did some more that was documented in the YouTube video, that's all I'd like to describe in this blog post. You can watch the YouTube video for more information, or just wait for my next blog post. Thanks,

Gideon Tong