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Why climb on the roof of your school?

Hi! You might not know me but my name is Gideon Tong and I’m a first-year electrical engineering student at the University of California, San Diego. This quarter, I had the great opportunity of being able to visit the roof of Geisel Library, one of the tallest buildings on campus and our largest library. The purpose of this was for a project I did with my university’s branch of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE) society. This project I did is called Outpost, and you can check it out at its’ GitHub repository. It is an Internet of Things long-range connectivity toolkit, which sounds like a bunch of fancy words, but it’s basically a collection of tools programmers and developers can use in order to build a long-range device. Originally, this project was supposed to debut at a quarterly showcase of projects, but due to miscommunication on scheduling neither I nor my partner, Brian Lam, was able to be there for a presentation. However, I’d still love to address some of the