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Super Holloway store project

The following is a post sharing a small adventure I had while I was still in high school. My journal originally dated this as September 2018, which was almost a year ago, but I thought I would share it simply because of how interesting it eventually was. Also, sorry it’s been so long since my last post: I’ve just been swamped with a lot of work, but I’ve had a lot of fun projects which I will be getting around to posting on my website as soon as I have a moment to write about it. The project was simple: I wanted to build an online shop to capitalize on fun physics-themed products and merch that people might buy, and I could donate the proceeds to benefiting a charity or donating it to the physics club on campus. And so it begun. We’ll have a shop! Our teacher runs the website called Planet Holloway, so maybe we’ll sell Planet Holloway Answers, as we can sell answer keys to the solutions of the homework problems on his website. In addition, we could sell Planet Holloway Air and Pl