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Blogger just introduced HTTPS for custom domains

Yesterday, April 4th, 2018 Google introduced an HTTPS option for Blogger websites that used a custom domain. They made it extremely easy to simply enable this option with one click, and the resulting certificate seems to be from Let’s Encrypt. As a result, many websites hosted with Blogger that use custom domains can now use custom domains, making it very appealing to use Blogger as an alternative to Google Sites for a easy to use, easy to set up website that can sustain large amounts of traffic for free. Although probably not sustainable for ecommerce websites, informational websites as well as websites that don’t require dynamically updating content (and even some that do, for certain use cases) can take advantage of these new security policies. Once you click yes, the banner at the top, originally warning about content policies in the EU (if you never dismissed it) will change, changing into a banner that displays a small warning that you have changed HTTP to HTTPS on your webs