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Setting up a Raspberry Pi print server so I can use my printer on my WiFi network

I'm sure by now you've heard of the single board super cheap yet super powerful $35 mini computer called the Raspberry Pi  that is known to make its way into almost any computer project due to its abilities, hardware, size, and accessibility. Such wireless technology (like over your WiFi network ) makes printing from any device in your house just so easy! Now, you might have an older printer  and you don't want to upgrade, and it's one of those nice and cheap black and white printers. What's the easiest and cheapest solution? Make your printer wireless! Let's use the Raspberry Pi  and a WiFi adapter  to make this happen! You'll need a Raspberry Pi, a WiFi adapter, and a microSD card . Get started with your Raspberry Pi with many of the getting started guides out there on the internet, then come back to this guide. Let's get started now. Open a terminal window and type in the following commands, following all the on-screen prompts and "yes"