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The premise of creating a 4TB network share using only an 80GB drive

Clearly, the title is an attention-grabbing headline that might imply either lying or something that I didn’t mention – and you’d be exactly right. The basic idea is I have 4TB in “Linux ISOs” (no, it doesn’t involve anything illegal or 18+. Get your mind out of the gutter.) that I would like to store, however my main desktop only has a 1TB drive an and 80GB drive, my old desktop only has an 80GB drive, and my laptops obviously won’t have enough storage. While drives can now be found in the range of $35-50 per TB, in the interest of saving money I will be attempting to take advantage of what I have right now to create an “infinitely expandable” (more on that later) 4TB network share. Obviously, this network share will have some limitations that I am already aware of. Allow me to explain how it works, and then discuss not only the obvious limitations but also other possible limitations with this design. However, you can’t be free, so the goal will be to minimize limitations withou