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iOS 15 Wish List

I wouldn't say this wishlist is special by any stretch of the imagination, but as someone who uses an iPhone and iPad, but not a Mac, there are a lot of things I would like to see in iOS 15, and most of them to do with the iPad. Please give us better multitasking. Maybe docked windows, maybe the ability to background apps without having them close on me, maybe multiple vertical windows, but whatever it is, my iPad shouldn't have equal multitasking to an iPhone. It's more powerful, it has more screen space, it's meant for doing . Widgets anywhere on the homescreen. How did iPhones get this and not iPads? Ability to hide apps from the homescreen. Just like above, how did iPhones get this and not iPads? Xcode on iPad. Maybe a bit of a strange request, but I want some kind of code editor that would allow me to compile iOS apps on my iPad. That would be cool. Ability to disable the checkbox notification when running a shortcut. I have tons of them on my homescreen, and the n