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Designing and researching a Raspberry Pi car stereo - Carpi Project pt. 1

The first step to any successful project is to ensure that there is a working design and that it has been thoroughly researched. This is especially true when the project entails modifying a car stereo and replacing it with a project of your own, including the probability of completely breaking the car.

June 2nd, 2018.

What I plan to do is to first build a working prototype that demonstrates the features that I would like. Lying around the house, I have several old computers, but I also have access to a rather popular single board computer known as the Raspberry Pi. Specifically, the Raspberry Pi I have is the Raspberry Pi 2 model B. I’m going to use Etcher in order to flash the latest version of Raspbian Stretch Lite, which as of writing is the April 2018 build. This copy of Raspbian no longer comes with SSH enabled by default, but according to the documentation here, it appears that creating a blank file “ssh” in the boot partition will cause SSH to be enabled by default.

Next, I’ll hav…