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Apple's response isn't enough

I'm disappointed. Apple recently responded to  the allegations that Apple is purposely slowing down your older iPhones if you have a degraded battery, admitting that they should have told their consumers this before (is it because of the huge backlash?) instead of withholding this information from consumers.  We can now, for the next year, go to an Apple store and get an iPhone 6 or higher model replaced battery for $30 if the phone is no longer in warranty. I think it's great that Apple is doing this. Apple is known for their great customer service and support for their products, and they would replace batteries in warranty for free, so why don't I think it's enough? 1. They've avoided the older models . Of all the phones, the older models are the ones that have been affected the most. I have two iPhone 5S that are well over the 500 charge cycles recommended by Apple, and I have noticed a slowdown in Geekbench scores. Both score around ~1000 where the online