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Hardware experiments and creating an AirPlay server - Carpi Project pt. 2

I think it is quite important to realize that this project is not unique, so it would be a good idea to learn not only from the mistakes of others, but to find out the methodology they approached this sort of project from in order to find solutions that I may not have thought of. A Google search of ‘carputer’ brings of the Instructables guide called ‘ Building a Carputer ’ as well as the YouTube video ‘ Raspberry Pi Java Carputer. ’ The Instructables guide uses a barebones computer running Windows XP in order to achieve this feat, something that I am not interested in. However, his hardware section mentions a few things that I think are worth going over, because without reading through this guide I may very well would have forgotten them myself. June 13th, 2018. There are a few products that I might be interested in buying in order to enhance the functionality of the Carpi project. On Amazon, I found this Global Satellite USB receiver for about $15. Since the Raspberry Pi does not