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Getting an OpenAuto installed for Android Auto - Carpi Project pt. 4

In this part, we can look at various options that might be suitable for making the Carpi project better or easier to create in some way. Since this project is not a new or novel idea and cheap projects already exist that can be bought from China, I am sure that someone has also created software for it. After some research, it turns out that Crankshaft (GitHub) is an actual turnkey solution that makes it appear as if getting Android Auto on a Raspberry Pi is quite easy. On YouTube, I found a YouTube tutorial that went into detail on how it might be possible and easy to do, but this YouTube tutorial is not only outdated but newer versions of Android and Android Auto have come out since then. However, because the project is open source, I do not believe it would be too difficult to rebuild the project for a newer version of Android and Android Auto. It turns out that Crankshaft is actually an OS wrapper for the OpenAuto project. So we’re gonna try to build the OpenAuto project. T