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How long does it take to complete APUSH extra credit?

For the purposes of keeping this write up simple, and the fact that while I'm writing this I've only completed the multiple choice section so far, I will be limiting this small analysis to only the 90 multiple choice questions that were required for the extra credit. I was curious to see how much time I would spend working on it, as this was an extra credit assignment where you had to complete 90 multiple choice questions for APUSH with a paragraph explanation for every question.

I spent 8 days working on the extra credit assignment, starting from Christmas day and skipping December 29th, and usually spent between 2 and 4 hours per day working on the assignment. In total, I spent 17 hours and 23 minutes working on the assignment, and this is a first draft, which means I still have to check my work, add any additional details that are needed, as well as the final 12 document based questions that I have not yet completed.

Overall, it seems I spent about the same amount of time each day working on the extra credit assignment, except on December 28th where it seems I had some extra time and thus worked on it more than usual. There's an interesting story, however...

Looking at my daily progress, it seems like I made around the same rate of progress every day, completing around the same number of questions starting from December 27th. Prior to December 27th, it seems like progress is slow, and I would attribute that to the fact that likely I had to figure out the assignment as well as the fact that I looked up every question, even the ones where I was sure of the answer.

However, pace of work shows a completely different trend. It seems like on the first day I was spending an average of 16 minutes and 42 seconds per question, and in subsequent days I spent more time, peaking to 24 minutes and 19 seconds before I seemed to find an appropriate workflow speed and decreased to 15 minutes and 24 seconds by December 30th, and rushed the end where I spent an average of 11 minutes and 35 seconds per question. Even that doesn't tell the whole story...

If we look at how much time was spent per question per day, we see that there is an anomaly on the day after Christmas, where I managed to spend an average of 41 minutes per question. This quickly and swiftly decreased, although on December 27th I spent an average of 35 minutes per question, before rounding out to around 10 minutes per question, and on New Year's Day I spent an average of 5 minutes and 15 seconds per question in order to quickly complete the last 20 questions.

As you can tell, I worked through the entire document in order, doing mostly short bursts at a time rather than spreading everything out. I think it worked out quite well.

Gideon Tong