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Putting together the finishing touches on my quadcopter

Getting the quadcopter up and running is marginally more difficult than I expected, however, it is not difficult to build up excitement for being close to being finished. First, I mounted the standoffs into the frame, and in my excitement hurriedly hand-screwed some of the screws into place before using a hex wrench to tighten the standoffs that refused to budge.

I needed eight on the frame, and I screw all eight in, and have extras left over.

Everything is mounted! Just need to add a camera and a cover...

I do attempt to get things to fit the way I want to, but it is extremely difficult and as you can see by the camera on the left side, I have not yet figured out a way to mount the FPV camera to the frame. I may eventually replace the included camera mounting kit with a 3D printed solution of my own.

Now I need to figure out how to add a transmitter...

I attempt to place on top the cover, but unfortunately, the stack is not properly mounted as I was lazy in the beginning and therefore is lose and also does not have the transmitter inserted properly. This will have to be fixed in the future.

A close-up of my poor soldering and ghetto transmitter layout.

Almost ready! Just a bit more...

Gideon Tong


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