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Insulating and mounting power connections

Welcome back, almost done... I am getting more and more excited by the day to try out my newly built quadcopter. However, I am also getting extremely lazy and am using extremely bad practices when soldering and putting together my drone.

I was debating whether to redo my soldering since they touched and I had improperly insulated them, however, I took the lazy way out and placed a piece of electrical tape in between them as a way of "insulating" them, however, if it ever comes loose in the future it could easily cause a short in the quadcopter. 

I then complete the rest of the stack, connecting the power cables back to the flight controller. I also had some difficulties getting the stack to fit, so in the end, I opted to add string instead.

The "stack," now insulated and ready to go!

Have a powerful day,

Gideon Tong