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An iPhone user of 24 hours: things I miss from Android

This is the first time I've ever switched to iOS fully, used this as my main device, plugged in my SIM card and everything. To be clear, I'm running on the latest version of iOS, iOS 11.1 on an iPhone 6s. Although this is not a first impressions post, I've already discovered a mounting list of complaints that I have (I understand many of these have workarounds or solutions, and if you've come to the post looking for those, I've included those. If I don't know them, please leave it in the comments!).

1. You can't delete messages from Gmail in the native Mail app. (Solution: download the Gmail app.)

2. You can't change notification sounds of third party apps, namely Hangouts, Messenger, WeChat, and Google Calendar.

3. The Contacts app doesn't tell you which account your contact is from. So when you're editing your contact, you're left in the dark as to whether you're editing a contact in your Google account, iCloud, or other source.

Cortana notification sync

4. Cortana doesn't sync notifications to my laptop or desktop.

5. Xiaomi doesn't sync notifications to my watch.

6. Your phone buzzes twice if you don't respond to messages right away. (Solution: go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Remind in order to turn it off.)

7. Apple Wallet doesn't support many major banks or credit cards.

8. Google Maps on iOS doesn't have a WiFi only mode.

Watching YouTube while browsing Reddit

9. You can't play YouTube videos in a separate window while doing something else, like Picture-in-Picture from Android Oreo or iPads on iOS 9.

Split-screen on Android 7

10. There is no split screen mode in order to use two apps at the same time.

11. Musixmatch doesn't overlay lyrics while using another app, so you have to keep it open to see the lyrics for the song you're listening to.

12. VPNs disconnect while in sleep mode, but iOS doesn't keep you connected to the WiFi so you're kicked back to LTE if you don't disconnect your VPN (this happens on apps where VPNs should stay awake while the phone is asleep).

13. The built in Calendar app doesn't have a 7-day view. (Solution: use another calendar app.)

Open in... in Safari

14. The Files app doesn't support many file extensions, so you can't use it as an end-all-be-all "Open In..." solution.

15. You have to press the home button in order for the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone (on my old phone, all I had to do was tap the sensor).

16. Even with a Macbook, many notifications don't sync like I expected. (Is it not a feature?)

17. There is no double tap to wake (except on the iPhone X).

18. Notifications can't be grouped together.

So there it is. 18 complaints I have about iOS that for some, I did not expect, while for others, I knew going in. It's unfortunate that there's a lot I still find lacking from iOS, but overall it's a very nice operating system.

Gideon Tong