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Trying to mount the PDB on top of the ESC

Hey, so in this video I do my best to try and start to mount the PDB onto the ESC:

I did have some troubles with it, such as the screws not being high enough for me to put the ESC on and then standoffs, and I could barely fit the PDB on top, but as the stack also needs me to mount the flight controller, I am left wondering what I can do about that, since there is not a lot of room for me to do anything. Freestanding is a risky but plausible option, since the idea is that the limited space of the craft would keep it from jostling around too much.

In the image below, I was able to get the original PDB that I had placed into my quadcopter out without doing any desoldering to the ESC. This was because I did not solder the wires to the ESC very tightly and unintentionally left a lot of slack. However, this slack does come in helpful at this time.

The original PDB out of the frame.

One of the things I had to do that disappointed me a lot was desolder the battery connection to the ESC. It was quite difficult to get it done in the first place, so to have to undo that work made me quite sad. However, I took what I learned from this and instead of repeating my past mistakes, I decided to first solder the battery connections for the ESC to the new PDB before putting the new PDB in place.

In the photo below, it is a photo of the soldering job I did to connect the XT60 connector to the PDB. This is important.

The soldering job of the XT60 to the PDB.

This photo is important because it shows the crack between the XT60 connector and the PDB, which could cause connection problems later. The negative terminal also uses way more solder than the positive terminal, so I get the feeling that I might have problems with the positive terminal later.

The photo below shows the space I had due to all the slack I had from soldering the ESC to the motors. This also shows the space I would have if I put the standoffs at the bottom, which I tried to see if I was able to mount at least the ESC and the PDB together, if not the flight controller, and it still didn't work because I did not have enough space to do so.

The amount of space I had underneath the ESC.

So in the end what I decided to do was instead of simply replacing the PDB, was also change the configuration of my setup. Originally I had mounted the PDB underneath the ESC, however, I decided to change that and mount the PDB on top of the ESC instead.

All the best,

Gideon Tong