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Soldering an XT60 connector into the PDB for use in the Martian II

Today's video and blog post will accomplish even less than yesterday's blog post, since all I did in twelve minutes was essentially learn how to use a soldering iron (not really, I already know how, but I do a terrible job and am so slow at it I basically learn how every time) and actually solder something. The relevant YouTube video is linked below, and once again, I kept is short and sweet as much as I could, and it's probably between 10 and 12 minutes. At the time of writing, I haven't actually edited the video yet since I'm typing up my write-up on my phone first, while I usually create the video first.

Even though all I really accomplished was soldering, I'd like to show off what I did, even though this will probably be my shortest post of all time, and I don't really like short blog posts, even though I'm trying to make shorter YouTube videos. As I said in my video, I may go back to doing longer videos in order to get more done per video, or simply schedule my videos and my posts since I will not have internet for some time within the next week or two, since I will be going on to the Arizona YSMP (Youth Summer Missions Projects).

However, for what I did today, I simply soldered on an XT60 connector to my PDB and added solder to each of the solder pads/contact points on the PDB. An included picture is below.

The piss-poor job of soldering.

I also soldered, as I stated above, the solder pads. However, I did not take a picture of that, but details and documentation can be found in the YouTube video linked above. I know I didn't get that much done in this post, but I hope you still found it at least semi-useful to see my progress, so thanks for reading,

Gideon Tong